Our Approach

Our approach is like our design, beautifully simple. We create luxurious staples that feel like nothing else, it’s what makes us unique and why customers keep coming back.

Using natural sources, every item has the softest touch imaginable – we spend a lot of time feeling fabric and finding new ways to ensure that every piece feels soft and comforting next to your skin.

Founder's Story

A youthful entrepreneur and a Textile engineer with an attitude to learn more and thrive. He is extremely passionate about his creations and loves to explore and travel.

He has worked with different Apparel brands in India so far. He founded Cresmo. Since he wanted more out of our basics. He realized consistent fit and quality became a game of roulette.

He started from scratch and developed his fabrics and made sure the design process was meticulous so customers can count on the fit to be the same each time. He is a firm believer in systemized processes to drive operational excellence in delivering value to customers.

We are passionate

About being a socially and environmentally conscious brand

We put immense care and thought into how we make our innerwear and how our business functions. We envisage preserving the environment, empowering people, and supporting communities. We are taking significant steps for our future endeavours as there is a colossal potential to unlock in the innerwear segment.

Fairtrade is the only option

We are a made in India Business and work only with factories and businesses in India that pay people fairly.

No child labour, no exploitation

We respect human rights and we ensure that our clothes are made in working environments that comply with health, safety and employment laws.

Our Fabric

We use traditional and innovative sustainable fabrics. What comes from nature can go back to the earth, which is why we love using natural fabrics. We use innovative, bio-based Micro Modal for our underwear you can feel good knowing that our sustainable fabrics are kinder to your skin and kinder to the environment. 

Our fabrics are custom-made to our specifications, produced in CO2-neutral environments and we only use environmentally friendly dyes. In addition, our men’s innerwear is cautiously produced to suit the dyeing process, so we can guarantee that our shades won’t fade.

Wash them according to our care guide and they should stay looking good.

We use of natural, biodegradable fabrics

Our LENZING™️ fibres derive from the finest European Beech trees and are approved by the Fairtrade Textile Standard.

We care about who produces your Innerwear.

We take a sustainable approach to INTIMATE WEAR by creating comfortable and everyday clothing that you’ll wear and love for a very long time.

We have full traceability on all our products. We responsibly source our raw, natural materials and oversee all manufacturing, working closely with our suppliers in India to produce each piece.

This way, we can ensure positive practices both socially and environmentally, as well as the highest possible quality for you.

We’re proud to make 100% of our collection here in India. As we grow we are adding carefully sourced suppliers who can help meet the demand.

What Makes Our Products Different ?

We were inspired to create a range of high-quality, versatile intimate wear after realising the options available for men were limited; either they didn’t fit right, were too fussy, or were of poor quality. That’s where the inspiration for Cresmo started: to create a company that offers premium quality, soft products in a variety of shapes, fits and colours.