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Why is there a mental block when it comes to choosing your daily essentials but you reserve a single minded vigor and participation for everything else that the day throws at you? You make so many choices in a day. But when it comes to your essentials, are you just buying what you have served passively?


Do you hear that? It’s the winds of change!

It is about time men own their pride in their choice of mens essentials rather than swiftly shoving them in a box of unmentionables, which will never see the light of the day! It’s time when your daily essentials get the same space in your morning choice bandwidth that your morning spread of breakfast gets. And that’s where we come in!

Cresmo is about helping you unwind and get closer to yourself!

The men who take all the wear and tear of life the men who are unrestrained by the societal rulebook. The men who are not afraid to wear their heart in their sleeves, the men who care. The men who are not scared, triggered or emasculated by comfort, softness and celebrating themselves. The round pegs in the square holes. The oddjobs and the misfits and everyone in between. The men who will take the time to choose their options rather than grabbing the first black or grey thing that they see in the rack which looks ‘good enough’! Wheels of time have changed and so has the prehistoric belief that comfort, luxury and softness is emasculating. We believe in breaking through the glass ceiling associated with men’s self- care and comfort, one tiny but deliberate step at a time. How about you cut yourself some slack and let yourself enjoy the best that the world has to offer? 

A Soft Revolution starts within!

Our revolution has a bigger picture, but we come at peace, and also bearing tools which feels like a cloud from heaven! Our range of men’s essentials is created with master craftsmanship to adapt to the quick-paced lifestyle of the modern men, while celebrating and empowering them everyday in a quiet resilient way! We want to make your second skins and essentials as comfortable as your first one. We want to make the decision of choosing your essentials each morning an exciting and indulgent. We want to make it feel ‘just right’-like your favourite song on the radio and that pair of old jeans! We believe if you are comfortable and confident inside, there is no stopping you! We want to be the wind beneath your wings.


 Because we care and empower you to unwind into your truest self!