When it comes to that precious first layer, the cut and style is surely pertinent, but it is mostly about the comfort at the end of the day. All our primary questions revolve around whether that piece of innerwear is comfortable, breathable and durable and most importantly, how does it feel on your body?


So in all transparency, let’s get to know our superhero fabric a little bit better.


The Hero fabric

Meet Micro Modal a unique blend of sustainable fabric which is obtained from the beech trees and is found to be incredibly soft. Due to its high softness level mixed with increased breathability, teamed with its luxuriant silky feel on the body and an excellent moisture-wicking profile, Modal is the chosen fabric for making that ideal pair of undergarments.


What exactly is in the DNA of that crazy soft underwear that we deliver to your doorstep?

We, at Cresmo, did intense research and testing to find that perfect blend of our hero fabric to revolutionise your innerwear game. We finally agreed that 93% Micro Modal and 7% Elastane is where the magic lies! It is where your undergarments get the right mix of comfort with the right elasticity for everyday wear and tear and durability.


Difference left-on body and at large?

Uber Soft

Get cosy with the word ‘soft’, because we will be hearing that a lot around here. Softness is the crown jewel of our hero fabric, as it is famously known to be three times more soft than your purest form of cotton! 


Our fabric comes with enhanced breathability, naturally being able to absorb and release moisture in the most dexterous manner, making it a perfect choice for your innerwear. It also helps in maintaining the body’s natural thermal regulation due to this property.


Since this material is naturally occuring and has minimal carbon footprint, this proves to be a better choice of fabric selection than many other options available out there. We love being part of a system which is not adding to this ecological strain and are incorporating materials which are not only sustainable, good on the body and the planet both, in addition to being incredibly efficient for its purpose. What were the odds?

Sleek and Thin

Given its efficiency, the material is surprisingly thin and sleek and comes with a silk-like sheen which not only looks good and feels luxurious on your body, but is incredibly compliant and comes with no bunching, piling and fabric bulk problems. This enables you to flaunt your underwear and it stays put throughout the day, no matter what your daily activities are. 

4 way stretch

This is a smart fabric anatomy which comes with a unique feasibility, allowing the modern man to go about his day in a seamless flow. It is extremely yielding and accommodates all daily activities, be it the morning run to the evening social obligations without a single hiccup.

Anti microbial

No itches and rashes caused by sweat build-up or bacterial growth, as this fabric has no tolerance for the same. The natural composition of the fabric teamed with its breathable nature ensures that your favourite pair of undergarments will keep your skin happy! It is extremely gentle to your skin and keeps you safe!

Zero fading

The colour retention in this fabric is unbelievable, given its unique fabric composition. Say goodbye to colour bleeding and losing the colour to sun exposure, extensive usage and laundry. This fabric stays as good as new washes after washes, as the colour seeps deep and holds on longer.